Compassionate Euthanasia

Compassionate At Home Euthanasia

at home euthanasia

This service is reserved for owners who have come to peace with making the difficult decision to say goodbye to their beloved pet.  A discussion with Dr. Meredith to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed as well as an explanation of the process so there is transparency in what to expect, is included. We are happy to provide you with a lock of your pet’s fur at your request for no additional charge. This service does not include the cost associated with any cremation services that the owner chooses. Please refer to the “Aftercare” section below.


This service is decided upon at the time our compassionate at home euthanasia is utilized for your pet. 

The options for your loved one are as follows:

Private Cremation: This service allows your pet to be individually handled and cared for and returned to you. Pet remains are packaged in a silk pouch with carved, wooden urn and a custom engraved brass nameplate. Standard urns are provided free of charge with the individual cremation service and serves as your lasting memory of your beloved pet that you can keep with you always.

Communal Cremation: This service allows your pet to be cremated with a  group of pets all together, leaving their remains inseparable. With this type of cremation service pet families are unable to receive their beloved’s remains as a keepsake, instead the communal remains are buried at a deed-restricted pet cemetery.

All Aftercare services are provided by a professional, licensed pet crematorium. 

*Please note: We do not offer or participate in at-home burial as an option for aftercare.