My cat has been diagnosed with Cushings disease, very, very rare in a cat. If I had not taken her to Affinity Vet we would have never found out. They are meticulous, direct and demonstratively compassionate. I am so very grateful. Excellent work all the way around.

– Lori S.

Dr. Meredith and Affinity Vet staff are great! They have been an integral part in managing our cat Junior’s diabetes over the past 5 years. Dr. Meredith is knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. While her focus has always been on Junior’s well being and his quality of life, she is also practical, advises me well and prescribes a treatment plan that I am able to follow every day, on a long term basis. I am certain, that without Dr. Meredith and Affinity Vet, Junior would not have fared so well.

– Halaine L.

This veterinary practice it top-notch, and is the only place we entrust our rescue’s cats and my personal pets (dogs and cats). They are excellent clinicians, and are wise enough to evaluate not only the findings on physical exams, but the additional information provided by lab results, x-rays, ultrasounds and the like to fine-tune a diagnosis and to create a customized treatment plan. Unlike facilities that simply vaccinate and don’t really fully evaluate the animal, this practice treats each animal as an individual. Dr. Meredith, the practice founder, is one of the best veterinarians I’ve come across in many years of having pets and rescue animals, and I trust her judgment completely – I actually feel we have a partnership in providing the best care possible to our pets and rescue animals. In addition, her fees are very reasonable and she considers all options when suggesting treatment plans. I’d highly recommend this practice. 

– Kim G.